The Story of Cone Palace

Cone Palace boasts a story that’s as rich as the flavors on its menu. This beloved American fast-food restaurant has been a cherished part of Kokomo’s culinary landscape for decades. Cone Palace’s journey began with a vision of providing not just delicious meals but also a welcoming gathering place for families, friends, and even four-legged companions. Over the years, it has become a local institution, known for its signature Cone Palace Burger, Chicken Tenders, and innovative seasonal specials that capture the essence of each season.

The commitment to preserving traditions and creating lasting memories is at the core of Cone Palace’s story. From the Rink family’s long-standing ownership to Jeff Stout’s dedication as the current owner, the restaurant’s legacy continues to thrive. With an inviting ambiance, an accommodating pet-friendly policy, and a variety of payment options, Cone Palace’s story is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic American comfort food in the heart of Kokomo.

Seasonal Delights Worth Savoring

Cone Palace takes pride in offering a rotating array of seasonal specials that add a dash of excitement to the menu. These limited-time delights are carefully crafted to capture the essence of each season, infusing classic American comfort food with innovative twists. From gourmet burgers that blend unexpected flavors to unique takes on traditional favorites, the specials at Cone Palace are more than just dishes; they’re culinary adventures. Whether it’s a special sandwich, a tantalizing dessert, or a fusion of flavors that pique your interest, these offerings are designed to keep your taste buds intrigued.

Cone Palace’s commitment to introducing fresh, creative options is not only a testament to the culinary ingenuity but also a reflection of the dedication to customer satisfaction. It ensures that each visit offers a delightful surprise, making Cone Palace not just a restaurant but a destination where memorable dining experiences are crafted with each changing season. So, the next time you visit, don’t forget to ask about the specials; you may just find your new favorite dish, perfectly suited to the time of year.

A Taste of Tradition and Community

The inspiration behind this beloved American fast-food restaurant stems from a vision to create a welcoming gathering spot, where families, friends, and the entire Kokomo community could come together to savor classic comfort foods and create lasting memories. Cone Palace’s story began decades ago, with a desire to serve high-quality dishes like the signature Cone Palace Burger and innovative seasonal specials, each crafted with care and creativity. This dedication to culinary excellence has transformed Cone Palace into a cherished local institution. The restaurant’s ability to evolve and adapt while preserving the traditions set by the Rink family, the previous owners, is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic American cuisine.

With an inviting ambiance, pet-friendly policy, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Cone Palace continues to be a source of inspiration for those who believe that food can not only nourish the body but also feed the soul and strengthen community bonds. As the current owner, Jeff Stout, carries forward this legacy, ensuring that the inspiration behind Cone Palace lives on, offering a taste of tradition and togetherness to all who walk through its doors.